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A domain name for your brand

Choose a domain name that is simple, memorable and easy to type.

Visitors should not need to think twice about the wording or spelling of your domain name. It is also worth considering using it as an email address. Certain special characters may not be accepted by email protocols.

Choose a strategic domain name

The visitor should easily be able to understand what your main business is from it. You can explore all of the extensions in our catalogue, and find the best one for you.

Choose a domain name that optimises your organic SEO ranking

To get a high SEO ranking, use keywords associated with strategic extensions for your business.

Select a close name, or an alternative extension

Explore the full list of extensions. You will find the perfect one for your business.

Contact the holder
If they have made their contact details accessible, you can find them using Whois. You can then begin a negotiation to purchase the domain name in question.

Buy a domain on the secondary market
In some cases, the domain name you are looking for has already been put up for sale by the holder, and is available on the secondary market. If this is the case, the domain name will appear in your search results with the “secondary market” label. Diako can then act as a trusted third party to manage the transaction and transfer operations.

FAQ - Your questions? We got answers!

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the online address for your website. The IP address is a unique string of numbers and other characters that is used across the Internet to access websites from any device or location. Think of a domain like a contact number in your phone. Instead of typing a series of complicated numbers (IP address) into a browser, you type in a domain name. A domain name can be followed by many unique TLDs, giving you a chance to stand out online.

Is My Domain Name Available?

Since there are so many domain name options to choose from, the first thing you want to check is that your chosen domain name is still available. To begin, you will enter the domain name in the search box and then click “Search” for your results. When the search is complete, if your domain name is available, you’ll be directed to a page where you can review and purchase it. In the event your domain name isn’t available, Diako can provide several variations and extensions of that domain name for you to choose from.

How Should I Choose My Domain Name?

Choosing a domain name is important for your website because it represents your brand or business online. We recommend choosing a short domain with relevant keywords so visitors can easily access your website. While your domain can include letters, numbers or hyphens, you’ll want to avoid any special characters so it’s easy to remember and type into a web browser.

Is Domain Name Privacy + Protection Worth It?

When you purchase a domain name, your personal contact information is registered to your domain and can be found in the public WHOIS directory. In order to keep your information private, you want to utilize Diako’s Domain Privacy + Protection which helps protect you from spam and identity theft. Domain Privacy + Protection scans the website you created with your domain and alerts you if there any changes are made or if there is any harmful malware.

Why Do I Need a Domain Name?

Your domain name is connected to a series of letters and numbers called an IP address which solidifies your online address. Domain names not only add credibility to your brand or business, but also help visitors find you online. Having a branded website can help attract visitors to your business. You can increase your online visibility through marketing and rank higher on search engines with the help of SEO. Without a domain name, people would have to remember your IP address. This could be confusing to remember or easily forgotten and would ultimately prohibit you from ever growing your website audience.

Which Domain Names Are Available?

There are tons of websites on the internet. That’s why when you select your domain name it’s important that you find a TLD that accurately reflects what your website is about. Diako sells a wide array of domain extensions such as: .com, .club, .co, .space, .us, .website, .org, .net, .me, .biz, .info, .host, .online, .site,, and more! Domain extensions are the perfect way to express your brand in a vivid and creative way.

Can I transfer my domain name to Diako?

Yes, you can transfer your domain name to Diako. The process of transferring a domain is easy.

Is there a limit on how long or short my domain can be?

Typically, there is a limit to a domain length, with the minimum being 1 character and the maximum being 63 characters. Ideally, you want your domain name to accurately reflect your brand, whether it’s personal or business-oriented. We provide some guidelines for picking out a great domain name.